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Using strategy and mentoring to empower those in the creative industries to flourish creatively and commercially.

Come as you are with your talents and ideas, your concerns and doubts. Leave feeling encouraged, challenged and with a plan of how to reach your business potential.

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I work with creative entrepreneurs and business owners like you to bring your ideas to life. I want to support you to thrive at what you are good at and tackle those areas where you aren’t so confident. It’s all about pithy, actionable advice tailored to you, your idea, your business.

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For those not quite ready to take on one to one consulting, I share a thought for the day each morning on Instagram. It might be a quick boost for the day or great things to read or listen to, features on great brands and client profiles.

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I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a particular business topic each week and inviting some fantastic creatives to join me and share their stories, experience and advice!