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Are you a creative looking to start something new? Perhaps you are up and running but want to see real growth in an existing business or project? Are you looking to take the leap and go freelance? Whatever stage you are at on your creative journey, there is always something new to learn, to refine and to develop.

This is all bespoke and tailored to you, it can’t be googled or downloaded. Instead, I am here to help you with pithy, objective and experienced advice that you can go away and act on to make a real change to your business. I hope to always be challenging and encouraging in equal measure.

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The Lark ascending:

business plan

The very best way to see your business idea come to life and grow and grow, is to make a plan and then enact it. We look in detail at your product and services, your customer, the market place, your sales strategy and finances. It’s all bespoke designed with you, your idea and your way of working at the forefront.

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You are a creative with great ideas. You are a talented maker, designer, creator. You do not find the financial side of your business interesting and so it has become a stress, a worry, you ignore it for months and then dread dealing with it. Instead, let’s get to grips with it. Find out what has happened historically, set some goals for the future, put some systems in place and give you confidence so that the finances become a tool and a point of pride.

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hiring and company culture

Are you ready to take on your first hire? Or perhaps you have a large team but are struggling to build the company culture you want? I can help you work out who you need to hire, when, write job descriptions, prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, develop a review system and build a culture that reflects you and your business aspirations and values.

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gallery & business chat

If you are feeling stuck with your business or career, it’s great to seek out a change of environment and a fresh perspective. Join me for a visit to a gallery exhibition followed by a coffee when you can pick my brains on a topic of your choosing.

It’s a great way to dip your toe into consulting and mentoring.

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stop larking about:


Do you ever find working alone hard? Struggle with procrastination? Write lists and then don’t get it done? Try to do too much and then feel disappointed? Let me help you - over three months we will set goals and see them through to completion. A little bit of carrot and a little bit of stick will bring great results.

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Are you ready to embrace the idea that your business has the potential to do great things? If you are interested in charitable giving, building an ethical supply chain, reducing your environmental impact and working in your community then this session is for you!

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fly the nest:

build a thriving freelance career

If you are a creative freelancer, or hoping to be, then this is for you! This recently added service is for those of you who want to flourish in your career but want to set challenging and exciting goals, build your confidence and resilience, take ambitious next steps to build a career in the creative industries.

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fly the nest:


If you are a freelancer but find the financial side of how much to charge, negotiating fees, chasing invoices and doing a tax return rather tricky, or indeed just plain boring, then this is for you.

We will get you feeling confident about your finances so you can work more and worry less.

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Your business is up and running and your so busy with clients and orders that things have become chaotic. I can help you bring order to your operations by looking at project management tools, IT systems, your studio organisation, time management and financial systems.

It’s time to get organised so you can spend more time on the creative side and enjoying your thriving business .