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If you are a freelancer but find the financial side of how much to charge, negotiating fees, chasing invoices and doing a tax return rather boring or stressful. We can change that get you feeling confident about your finances so you can work more and worry less.

What topics might we cover?

  • your chargeable rates

  • sending and chasing invoices

  • your anticipated income and planning for peaks and troughs

  • your expenses

  • investing in your career

  • simple tax planning

  • good financial management - getting your accounts in order

  • hiring an accountant

How does it work?

  • You can book your appointment using the booking system below.

  • Once your appointment is booked, I will then be in touch to obtain a brief overview of what you want to discuss - it is likely that there are specific areas that you would like to focus on! I will then send over a short, 2/3 page document with an outline of what we are going to go through as well as some preparation for you to make the most of the session.

  • We will then have our consultations in person if geography allows or over Skype/FaceTime. I find that two hours is the perfect amount of time to get through things in good detail but not so long that attention starts to drift.

  • Within a few days, I then follow up the session with a note of our discussion and highlight action points for you to take away as well as any financial templates required (cash flow and budgeting for example). I do this so that you can concentrate on our conversation rather than frantically taking notes!

What’s the investment? The fee is £150.