Client Stories

I have been lucky enough to work with some fabulous creatives over the years - here is a handful of those who are ‘up with the lark’!

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studio peake

When I started thinking about setting up my interior design studio, the business part was all new. It was something that I hadn’t done before and it was intimidating. Calandre made everything less scary and helped me to focus on what was most important. Her support while writing my business plan was invaluable, she kept me focused and things quickly started to take shape. I have found that since being up and running I still call on Calandre for advice as things develop and particularly when I am doing something for the first time.

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Calandre and I started working together back in 2015 and she has become indispensable to my business. We started with a business plan and getting my finances in order and now have monthly ‘CEO Days’ where we focus on the business side of things (strategy, marketing, finances, recruitment, time management and so on). Taking this approach allows me to focus on the creative things for the rest of the time. Calandre has certainly improved the efficiency and profitability of my label.

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Calandre is utterly brilliant and any creative business owner in need of some straight talking advice need look no further! Without her practical advice tempering my hair-brained ideas, my brand would have taken a nose dive months ago!

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foster and gane

It has been so useful to have educated and rational advice on the business side.

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I could trust that Calandre understood my field and caught my vision. She has given me the structure and confidence to grow my business.