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In my view, the best way to build a business that grows, sustains and flourishes is to have a plan. It is not about a 1980s powerpoint presentation that sits gathering dust in a drawer. Instead, its about developing and recording your vision and setting out the steps to bring it to life.

Who is this for? This is the perfect opportunity for creatives who are:

  • starting an entirely new venture, business or brand;

  • those who are already trading but business growth has stalled;

  • enterprises that are doing well but want to see a real change in growth.

What does it cover? The Business Plan is made up of five sessions:

  1. The Vision for Your Business - defining and refining what your vision is for the future.

  2. Your Client - who are they and how can you best serve them?

  3. The Market Place - where does your business sit and who is the competition?

  4. Sales Strategy - how are you going to use marketing and PR to your best advantage?

  5. Finances - projections, budgets, cash flow, bookkeeping and so on

How does it work?

  • You can either complete the full five sessions to work towards a completed Business Plan. Alternatively, you may chose to pick and mix those sessions that you think will be of most help to you.

  • You can book your sessions using my online booking system below - I find it best to do one topic at at time.

  • Once your first session is booked, I will then be in touch to obtain a brief overview of what we will discuss. I will then send over a short, 2/3 page document with an outline of what we are going to go through as well as some preparation for you to make the most of the session.

  • We will then have our consultation in person if geography allows or over Skype/FaceTime. I find that ninety minutes is the perfect amount of time to get through things in good detail but not so long that attention starts to drift.

  • Within a few days I then follow up with your Business Plan (either a complete one or just the chapter you have booked). I do this so that you can concentrate on our conversation rather than frantically taking notes! It will contain details of all that we discussed as well as an action plan and next steps.

What’s the investment? The fee is £200 per session. There is a 15% discount for those who block book all of the five sessions bringing the total to £850 .