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business operations

Your business is up and running and your so busy with clients and orders that things have become chaotic. I can help you bring order to your operations by looking at project management tools, IT systems, your studio organisation, time management and financial systems. It’s time to get organised so you can spend more time on the creative side and enjoying your thriving business .

What topics might we cover?

  • how you use your workspace - getting organised and efficient

  • using project management software to suit you

  • using client management software to help you work efficiently

  • good IT systems - storage, filing and so on

  • how you manage your financial systems

How does it work?

  • I have run operations for small and large companies, both creative and corporate. Getting this right is a critical cornerstone for growth and success. I also know it to be highly specific to each individual scenario. Some might need a few hours to get things straight, others something more in depth and a few may need short term ongoing help.

  • Therefore, if this is of interest to you, get in touch and we can work out what help you might need and how I can assist you with this area of your business. Get in touch for a bespoke quote.