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business FINANCES

You are a creative with great ideas. You are a talented maker, designer, creator. You do not find the financial side of your business interesting and so it has become a stress, a worry, you ignore it for months and then dread dealing with it. Instead, let’s get to grips with it. Find out what has happened historically, set some goals for the future, put some systems in place and give you confidence so that the finances become a tool and a point of pride.

What topics might we cover?

  • your pricing

  • your sales forecasts and expected income

  • your overheads and expenses

  • planned investments

  • managing cash flow

  • how you manage your financial systems

  • hiring and managing a bookkeeper and accountant

How does it work?

  • You can book your appointment using the booking system below.

  • Once your appointment is booked, I will then be in touch to obtain a brief overview of what you want to discuss - it is likely that there are specific areas that you would like to focus on! I will then send over a short, 2/3 page document with an outline of what we are going to go through as well as some preparation for you to make the most of the session.

  • We will then have our consultations in person if geography allows or over Skype/FaceTime. I find that two hours is the perfect amount of time to get through things in good detail but not so long that attention starts to drift.

  • Within a few days, I then follow up the session with a note of our discussion and highlight action points for you to take away. I do this so that you can concentrate on our conversation rather than frantically taking notes! It’s also likely that there will be some spreadsheets for you to take away and use too - cash flow, forecasting, budgeting and so on.

What’s the investment? The fee is £195.