I look so serious in this picture! But the truth is that I am. I am really serious about making your creative business work. My goal is to ensure that all of my clients are Up With The Lark - that they are ahead of the game, that they start each day well and are able to thrive as a creative entrepreneur.

I always work to encourage my clients, to be invested but objective, to innovate, to tackle the detail and to allow talent to flourish. There is nothing more wonderful than helping people define their vision, make a plan of how to achieve it and then supporting them to take practical steps towards achieving it. 

My professional journey has taken me on a whirlwind tour of where creativity meets commerce: as a magazine intern, as a lawyer at top media firm Olswang, to the legal team at Sotheby's, operations at Tate Britain to Studio Manager at Rose Uniacke. I set up Up With The Lark in 2015 and now use my knowledge and experience to work with clients across the creative industries. My clients include both founders and freelancers working across many industries from fine jewellery to interior designer, illustration to furniture and foodies to journalists.